shopping on etsy

Shopping on Etsy

This post can be helpful if you're looking for Christmas gifts that are extra special and support small businesses. Or if you're like me helpful for planning your next projects once Christmas is over.  These are my current favorite Etsy shops. Recently I got a little stuck on the main level design on my house. I feel like I'm done with what I call the first layer of my house. Now I want to work on making it feel a…

Pillow Talk

One of the first things we did when we moved into our house almost 2 years ago was renovate the basement.  I showed you the guest room and the downstairs bathroom but I haven't showed off the family room. I don't have time this week to show off the entire room but I thought I'd give you a sneak peek with a little pillow talk. No surprise lots of pillows going on here! I usually don't keep the pillows the…

Pillow Talk

Apartment Therapy Even though there are duplicate matching pillows on this couch it doesn't look matchy match and seriously the more pillows the better I say! I've been so busy lately I would kill to take a little snooze on this couch full of pillows!  And that's another thing, why do I love this photo?  Because it looks like you could actually lay on these pillows!

Pillow Talk

Seriously who doesn't like pillows?  I love pillows!  I'm sure I've spent more money on pillows through the years then I have anything else house related.  It's the easiest way to change a room and probably for the least amount of money. Another great thing is if you super love a great piece of fabric and it's a small fortune make it a pillow! I thought it would be fun to start having a post from time to time showing…