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Sentimental Toy Box (Favorite type of decorating!)

My favorite word when decorating is without a doubt is sentimental.  If you use something with meaning in your design I can promise you, it will outlast that pillow you picked up from the big box store! Back in October when we had Cooper's first birthday party my dad gave me my old toy box I had as a girl.  I'd forgotten about it but as soon as I saw it, I remember lots of memories of emptying out the…

Out of this World!

Ok, ok...I don't know if it's out of this world but I think the project I'm going to share with you today, turned out pretty great.  I've had this toy box for over 13 years.  It was my daughter's toy box and I bought it before she was even born.  It was orginally cherry wood and over time I painted it white. For some reason I've never gotten rid of it and when we moved it sat in our garage,…